Beyond the clouds

First Edition of 500 (Out of Print)
Designed by Hideki Nakajima

 Printed in USA, 2016
19x26 cm
96 pages
72 color plates

Smyth sewn, Swiss bound

Beyond the Clouds is a photographic exploration of desire, longing and vulnerability. Still lifes constructed with ephemeral materials such as ice, snow, flowers, and human detritus (nails, hair, teeth, bodily fluids) allude to the transience of life. Portraits capture individuals, unified through a series of anonymous garments found by the artists on the outskirts of Moscow: a suit, stockings, tights, bra, a night slip, a glove - all shadows of their former inhabitants. Each individual is presented in various stages of undress, isolated against plain white backgrounds. Caught in moments of quiet solitude all at different points of physical and psychological transitions, they are connected by the desire to transcend their corporeal physicality. The work speaks directly to the viewer’s most elemental emotions: the sense of ones own mortality, pain, elation and the desire for intimacy. Beyond the Clouds examines the human body burdened by its own impermanence.