Show me how to feel  is a photographic exploration of the realization of the self in the performance of the other. Set against an empty Hollywood soundstage as a backdrop, a group of young actors enact a series of emotionally charged scenes that focus on themes of power exchange, group dynamics, initiation and ritual. Each scene, a construction, reveals multiple perspectives on staged scenarios, establishing the tension and ambiguity between the real and the performed, the point where the separation between character and actor becomes hard to distinguish. The work is set, cast and costumed in a similar method to a film, shot in landscape 35mm format, it sits at the intersection of the photographic and the cinematic. There’s a lot just ‘beyond’ the frame, the actors searching around the emotions, navigating their character’s response, negotiating situations and direction. That space holds almost as much weight as the images themselves.The work presents the viewer with paths for connections but doesn’t impose one specific direction, leaving gaps for multitude of potential readings.



i wait, i dont move, i hold my breath

i let my body fall deeper into their arms

i shut my eyes

i continue falling

i take a picture of myself for them to see me

we have the same body

you and me

us and them

show me how to feel

fighting, I’m not mad,

it feels good to fight, to inflict our will,

exhausting our bodies until we can’t move

when you catch me looking at you i dont look away

we wear a mask

us watching you watching us